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1. What are Koh Samui luxury villa rentals?

Koh Samui luxury villa rentals are luxury homes that are privately owned that are available for daily rental. Most of these villas are equipped with the latest and modern facilities such as an infinity swimming pool, gym, spa, tennis court, private beach, cinema or entertainment room, and more. All villas are also staffed with highly qualified team such as a chef, manager, and a dedicated concierge.

2. Who is The Samui Villas?

The Samui Villas, is managed by TLS Travel Group Limited, a luxury villa rental company that manages reservations of the most high-end multi-million dollar luxury villas in Asia. The Samui Villas is developed to feature only the finest luxury villa rentals available in the island of Samui to cater to our discerning guests.

3. What’s the villa’s typical price range?

In Koh Samui, the price range varies from the season, the number of bedrooms rented or the size of the villa, and the number of people staying at the villa. With The Samui Villas, we only feature villas with minimum 4 bedrooms. The price range could start at US$ 1,000 per night and up.

4. How is payment done for the rental?

Payments can be done via Bank Transfer, Credit Card, or Paypal.

5. Can I rent the villas if I only need 2 to 3 bedrooms?

Yes, some of the villas are available for rental as 2 to 3 bedrooms. It is best to contact our villa specialist for further details. This information is stated on the particular web page of each villa.

6. How do I choose the best villa for me?

Our villa specialist will assist you in selecting the right villa for your vacation needs. Depending on the number of guests or the composition of your group (i.e. if you’re traveling with elders, with toddlers, or kids), our villa specialist will guide you which among our villa is best for you.

7. Are the villas safe for my kids?

Most Villas in Koh Samui are safe for Kids especially the villas located by the beach. However, some villas that are built on the cliff or hillside may not be that safe. Kids supervision is always advised.

8. How do I get on the villa when I arrived in Phuket?

Most of the villas include complimentary 2-way airport transfer. However, in instances that the villa does not provide airport transfer, the concierge or villa manager can assist you with car rental or airport transfer.

9. Can someone arrange cars and tours for me?

Yes. Luxury villas in Koh Samui have managers or concierges to assist you with any request you will need such as cars and tours.

10. Is food/meal included in the villa rental?

Some villas offer complimentary breakfasts, but for the rest of the meals, they are not included in the rental. Normally, when you book a villa, a menu is provided prior to your arrival so you can choose and arrange the food you want/need.

11. Is there a live-in staff at the villa?

Yes, most of the villas have live in staff.

12. Does the villa allow smoking?

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the villa. However, certain areas outside the villa can be used for smoking.

13. What is the minimum stay period, if any?

On normal low season, the minimum stay requirement is 3 nights. But for high and peak seasons, the minimum required stay could be from 10 to 14 nights.

14. What can I expect from Thai people?

Thai people always have a grin on their; the reason why Thailand got the title “Land of Smiles”. Thai culture is very laid back. The Thais have a phrase called “Sabai Sabai” which means just relax. Rushing is not a common practice in Thailand. Staying polite and calm and not losing your temper should be possessed by a tourist while in Thailand.

15. Do some villas charge in Thai Baht? How about the taxes?

Most of the villas we manage charge in US dollars. However, some villas may charge in Thai Baht. You can check the villa’s Terms & Conditions for the payment currency being accepted and tax mentions.

16. How do I go about refund payments?

Please refer to the individual villa’s Terms & Conditions for this.